The appearance of the Elizabethan collection has

drawn the attention of the brides- and grooms-to-be.

While the emphasis is on the fabric and its texture, more thoughts

have been put into the cut by hand. On the stage of bridal gowns,

the evolution of ‘wedding dress culture’

continues. The Elizabethan Crystal Cloud collection has

made use a great amount of gorgeous lace, exclusive silk fabric,

extravagant hand-made flowers, lithe feathers,

eye-dazzling Swarovski crystals, and intricate hand-sewn

beads. A intricate demonstration of luxury

combined with the latest trend. Comprise is not an

option on the choice of wedding dress and its quality

What is GSP?

To promote business service quality and to strengthen the self-promotion capacity of commercial service providers, while prompting a comprehensive and healthy development of the business industry, the Department of Commerce under the Ministry of Economic Affairs began the initiative of Good Service Practice (GSP) in 2004.   


Guidelines regarding business operation regulations and service procedure are laid out for service providers, and those who meet the standard will then certified by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as a reward.


It is hoped that through the Good Service Practice initiative that service providers will be motivated to create quality service culture and environment, and in turn provide consumers with services that are of great quality, great value, and great satisfaction.


Service providers must meet 12 quality keys to receiver GSP certification: organisation leadership, strategy management, customer satisfaction, information analysis, human resources, equipment and machines and tools management, environmental health and safety, service procedure management, social responsibility, internal audit, operation performance, and principles of the wedding dress industry.


GSP represents businesses that have met the standard set out by the guidelines, and will in turn be able

to provide quality service that is reliable, satisfactory, and value for money.


Best Guarantee

The only business to have been awarded the GSP certification in Taoyuan in 2006- Cathleen Wedding Boutique

Cathleen Wedding Boutique was established in Taoyuan in 2003, and rose rapidly in Northern Taiwan. With 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, the Team leads the trend in the country with its innovation and digital technology.


Wedding photo shoot should be a delightful event. However, issues such as contract ambiguity,

wedding dresses, price, and photography have led many brides- and grooms-to-be to feel that the money

has been spent poorly and dampened their mood.


Minor complaint is often unavoidable. But what to do when wedding dress shops intentionally go out business, money is paid for nothing, and the dispute that seems never ending? In addition to comparing prices, service, innovation, and style while picking a wedding dress shop, brides- and grooms-to-be are suggested to choose shops with GSP certification. Furthermore, Cathleen Wedding Boutique even provides real estate certificate of its business as an additional guarantee to our brides- and grooms-to-be!.


As Cathleen Wedding Boutique advances into its 6th year in business as the highest achiever in Northern district with national GSP certification from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, it has also been evaluated a

s the top wedding dress brand in Taiwan in 2008 by the international brides’ magazine. While the introduction

of its Crystal Cloud and Versatile Cloud wedding dress collections has made the Boutique the most sough

t after wedding dress brand in Greater China.